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Who is Midwest TV Parts?

Midwest TV Parts is here to assist DIY customers and other TV repair shops in providing replacement TV circuit boards and accessories. We are located in Indianapolis, Indiana and have over 5000 parts in stock ready to ship. Our inventory consists of mainly TV parts but we also have a large variety of parts for commercial display boards, touch screen monitors, and computer monitors.  All orders placed by 3 pm Monday through Friday will process same day and ship out next business day. Should you need something in a hurry please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

As well as being a great source for parts we are also a full-service electronics and TV repair facility. This is a huge benefit for you as a customer because it allows you to buy our parts with confidence knowing we have taken the appropriate steps to test, disassemble, handle, and ship all of our parts. All circuit boards that we sell are placed in anti-static bags to reduce the effects of ESD, electro-static discharge. They are then wrapped with 3 layers of bubble wrap and placed in either new or gently used sturdy boxes.

Should you require some assistance in diagnosing your TV we are happy to help point you in the right direction, just give us a call.  We can never guarantee that a certain part will fix your problem but we can provide a recommendation based on past similar repairs we have completed.

We have made the process of ordering replacement parts easy and error-free with our new search bar. Simply type in your TV brand and model number and our sophisticated algorithm will produce search results that will only work with your model TV. Should a part you are looking for show out of stock, unfortunately, there is nothing else you can do but to check back with us periodically to see if we get more in stock.

No need to worry about the condition of the parts you are ordering. All of our parts come from two places. The first are TVs that we buy in large quantities that were damaged in transit. The majority of these have sustained screen/panel damaged which cannot be fixed and resulting in several circuit boards, backlights, and accessories that are new and able to be resold. All items that fall into this category would be marked “New.” We also resell circuit boards and accessories from some of our local TV repairs that can not be fixed. All items that fall into this category would be marked as “Used.” Any defective items from a customer’s repair would be recycled and not resold.  If you are ordering a replacement stand you will be receiving all the necessary parts to install it, including the base, the neck, and all the necessary screws.

Can’t find the replacement part that you need. Give us a call, we may be able to repair your defective circuit board and send it back to you.

Free shipping on all orders all the time. All orders received before 2 pm EST Monday through Friday will process the same day, excluding all national holidays. Dismiss