Circuit Board Repair Service

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Today’s high tech televisions have several circuit boards that interact together to gives us our stunning pictures on our TVs.  Sometimes those circuit boards can malfunction leaving us wondering whether to fix them or to buy a new TV.  This malfunction could be a simple as the TV’s powers supply having a loose connection from the circuit board to the terminal causing the TV to power on then immediately power off. By simply cold soldering the terminal back to the board and ensuring a good connection makes for a fairly easy and cost effective repair in comparison to visiting your local electronics store.


We are a full-service TV Repair Facility and make circuit board repairs at the component level. Often times this can be a very valuable service for customers that find the replacement part they are looking for is no longer available or priced extremely high. We have a full time electronic’s bench technician with the highest level of soldering ability. Making repairs to software chips, diodes, capacitors, HDMI connectors, and coax connectors. Circuit board repairs require a high level of expertise and attention to detail as well as being equipped with industry-specific tools to ensure the repair is completed 100% and will last. We are ready to make your next circuit board repair for you. Most repairs are completed within 1-2 business days unless specific parts are needed. All repairs carry a 60-day warranty.

Some of our most commmon repairs are:

  • Replacing coaxial connectors damaged by moving the TV and not disconnecting the coax cable from the TV.
  • Changing out 19 pin HDMI sockets/connectors damaged by overuse, or improperly plugging in HDMI connectors.
  • Removing and replacing software chips causing TVs to be dead, power cycling, or turning on but freezing on the home screen.
  • Changing blown or bulging capacitors on power supplies causing TVs to power cycle or not turn on.