Full Set Of LG 6916L-2867B LED Backlight Strips (2) For 43LV340H

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Part Number: 6916L-2867B

Board Number(s): 6916L-2867B

Substitute Parts: N/A

Part Type: Backlight/LED Strips

Important Message: Part numbers can be found printed on the strips

TV Models:

LG 43LV340H

These backlights / LED strips have been pulled from a new tv with a cracked screen damaged in shipping. Please be sure all part numbers on the backlights / led strips match the original part you are replacing. The item you see in the picture is only a representation of the item and may have slight cosmetic variations.

When searching for the correct replacement part it is very important to find the part number on your original circuit board or part that needs to be replaced. Do not search by TV model number only as many TV’s may use multiple variations of a circuit board or part for the same TV.

We recommend lowering your TV’s “brightness” or “backlight” setting by 20-25% after installation to reduce the risk of repeat failure.

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