1. Identify the defective TV part that you want to replace, this means removing the back cover from the TV prior to ordering anything.
  2. Find a manufacturer part number on the circuit board, keep in mind it may be hard to find or sometimes even printed on the backside of the board.

FYI-circuit boards have generic board numbers, serial numbers, revision numbers, and part numbers on them. It is important to determine between these and understand that multiple circuit boards may have the same generic board number on them. ALWAYS ORDER PARTS BASED ON THE UNIQUE MANUFACTURER PART NUMBER, NOT TV MODEL NUMBER OR GENERIC BOARD NUMBER.

  1. Do a visual check of the components, sockets, cable connections, etc. Make sure everywhere there is a connection on your board there is the same connector on the replacement board.
  2. Lastly, this part number’s description should match or mentions your TVs model number as a final verification.
  3. When in doubt call us and we will help you verify.

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